5 Ways to Make the Most of a Walt Disney World Proposal

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Walt Disney World Proposal


There I was, in front of Cinderella’s Castle, with my family standing in front of me in matching t-shirts. My boyfriend and I were supposed to be posing for a picture together when he suddenly bent down on one knee and held up a small wooden box. 

It was the moment I had imagined so many times, in so many ways, but I could never have imagined the way it felt. It was...magical. Although, the feeling was only intensified seeing as I was in the most magical place on Earth. 

Getting engaged is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. Getting engaged in Disney World though puts the experience on an entirely different level. I felt like we got to celebrate our engagement for three full days, rather than one. Everywhere we went in Disney, we got the chance to celebrate. 

Here are some special ways you can celebrate your engagement in Walt Disney World:

celebration button.JPG

1. Celebration buttons.

The easiest and quickest way to let everyone know you just got engaged is to stop by the front desk at your resort, guest relations at any park, any shop, or kiosk that has celebration buttons. Any of the cast members will be happy to give you, your partner, and entire group buttons designed just for celebrating an engagement.

2. Sit for a caricature.

Right after we got engaged, my mom suggested we sit for a caricature to commemorate the moment. While a caricature was one of the more expensive souvenirs we took home, it is now our favorite reminder of that day. 


3. Go to a special dinner.

Disney is exciting, face paced, and...crowded. Not to mention that agreeing to spend the rest of your life with someone can be emotionally exhausting. Take some time for just the two of you (maybe somewhere quiet). Go to a special dinner at a nicer restaurant. Le Cellier, California Grill, and Victoria and Albert’s are all romantic options for a dinner for two. 


4. Collectable pins.

My family discovered pin trading several years ago. Searching for special pins is one of our favorite park past times. Last February, Disney offered 3-5 engagement and wedding themed collector’s pins. Half the excitement was finding them in each of the parks. 


5. Photos with characters.

You just got engaged! Tell the world! Every time we met a character, one of our family members would happily announce that we just got engaged (my sister and brother even came up with a song and accompanying dance moves). Each character then proceeds to exclaim his or her congratulations. While I tend to be shy when it comes to public attention, it was fun to get excited all over again every time we met a character. 

So remember, whether you get engaged at Walt Disney World or perhaps just visit shortly after getting engaged, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the big moment. I'd love to hear about the magical ways you celebrated your engagement at Walt Disney World. Let me know in the comments below! 

Cassidy Sonnier
Social Coordinator