Fantasmic Fashion: Mickey Mouse

Fantasmic Fashion: Mickey Mouse

Like many people, my Disney obsession began before I can even remember. As a child, I knew the words to every Disney movie, made my parents call me “Belle” most of the time, and of course, I dressed up like a Disney princess every chance I got. Now, even though I’m too old to get away with wearing Disney costumes in my everyday life, for certain occasions I plan my outfits with inspiration from my favorite childhood movies and characters.

I’m going to focus on putting together Disney-inspired outfits that are comfy enough to wear when you visit a Disney Park (or just needing to add a little character to your day). Some will be subtle, some will be obvious, and some will just include pieces of the awesome merchandise that’s available featuring our favorite characters. The point of these articles is just to help you create your own inspired outfits for your next Disney adventure!

We all know that “it all started with a mouse,” so for my first article, I decided to create outfits inspired by the one and only Mickey Mouse. Mickey can be seen in several different costumes and environments throughout the years, so the inspiration is endless. I’ve created four looks that barely scratch the surface, but it’s a good place to start!


Outfit 1, Classic Mickey: This first outfit is inspired by the classic image of Mickey Mouse. Therefore, I put together some classic pieces (the solid top and skirt, wayfarers, Chelsea boots, and backpack) and added some magical Mickey touches with the hat and watch. I actually own this awesome hat from H&M and I wear it, like, all the time, even when I’m not at Disney World.


Outfit 2, Casual Mickey: Here we have a subtler Mickey outfit. This outfit includes the classic Mickey colors and a tiny image of him on the cap. Also, what’s more comfortable than Converse in the parks? Like, nothing. 


Outfit 3, Travel Mickey: I planned this outfit around this precious shirt featuring our favorite mouse available at Uniqlo (which recently opened a location in Disney Springs, so you can potentially pick one up on your next visit). Also, brb. I’m about to order those shoes right now. 


Outfit 4, Sorcerer Mickey: So I was walking through the mall one day when I spotted this amazing backpack in the window at Charming Charlie – I never even go to that store – but anyway, how perfect is it? It reminds me so much of Mickey’s sorcerer hat. And, also, flatforms are my favorite shoes to wear to the parks. Just try to make sure they’re nice and broken-in so you don’t get blisters from all that walking.


Have you ever created outfits inspired by Disney? Would you wear any of these? If so, which one? What character or movie would you like to see looks from in future articles? I’d love to get feedback from you guys, so be sure to leave a comment! 

Calli Dugas
Fashion Coordinator