Fantasmic Fashion: Lilo & Stitch

Fantasmic Fashion: Lilo & Stitch

This series focuses on creating Disney-inspired outfits that are suitable for wearing while you spend the day in a Disney theme park. Whether the complete look is subtle or obvious, the goal is to inspire you to use your creativity to put together your own looks to wear based on your favorite Disney characters. 

The first article of the series focused on fashion inspired by Mickey Mouse. Today’s outfits will be inspired by a movie that holds a special place in my heart, Lilo and Stitch. Although I’m more of a princess movie girl myself, my sister’s favorite movie as a child was Lilo and Stitch, which means I watched it over and over and over and over until I grew to love that crazy little blue alien myself.


Outfit 1: This first outfit is inspired by the dynamic duo. Hot Topic has a great line of Disney-inspired merchandise where you can find this replica of Lilo’s dress. I added a messenger bag and a cool Polaroid camera, which is inspired by Lilo’s character.  When you’re on your trip to any of the Disney parks, you can bet that you’re going to experience at least a little bit of rain, so the Stitch umbrella and rain boots will definitely come in handy.


Outfit 2: The second outfit is inspired by Lilo’s older sister, Nani. Nani dresses in a way that is very effortless, so I tried to embody her cool, simple style with this heart tee, jean shorts, Hawaiian print backpack, and hiking boots. 


Outfit 3: Before Lilo adopted Stitch as her “puppy,” we were introduced to him as Experiment 626, the illegal genetic experiment created to cause chaos across the galaxy. Like Experiment 626, this outfit is a bit unpredictable, but somehow it works. 


Outfit 4: The final outfit is inspired by Lilo and Stitch’s dancing outfits at the end of the movie. I paired a pleated green midi skirt with a crop top and some tropical accessories, including this adorable Stitch backpack. 


Have you ever created outfits inspired by Disney? Would you wear any of these? If so, which one? What character or movie would you like to see looks from in future articles? I’d love to get feedback from you guys, so be sure to leave a comment! 

Calli Dugas
Fashion Coordinator